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The products of

our sawmill and our different essences of hardwood

As French hardwood experts, The TARTERET Sawmill offers its primary wood processing products : boules, selected boards, beams, squares, square-edged, strips, sawn-cut-to-size and other products.

Available essences : oak, ash, beech, chestnut, lime-tree, cherry-tree, nannyberry, maple, acacia, alder, poplar and other hardwood species.

The main species remains Oak (90% of the production). Logs are primarily selected in Champagne and Burgundy. An important storage of pre-dried rough sawn, air-dried or kiln-dried is available on site (about 10,000 m3).

On average, the TARTERET Sawmill processes about 20,000 m3 of logs a year.

The woods are sawed on our location, Estissac in Aube (150 km south-east of Paris) and then are delivered in France, in Europe and throughout the world.