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Oak strips

Our sawmill specialized in hardwoods offers 27mm air-dried or kiln-dried oak strips.

We have a large range of strips for all usual purposes.

Stock list of our oak strips is available upon request.


Lengths : 0.25 to 2.20 m and up.
Widths : 60, 70, 80 and 100 mm.
Grades : standardized according to the European Norm « EN 975-1 »

QFA/QF1A : Nœuds accidentels 5mm maxi, hors aubier
QFA/QF1A : accidental knots, maximum 5mm, without sapwood (3/4 clear faces)
QF1Ax : accidental knots, maximum 5mm, sapwood on one face (1 clear face)
QF1Axx : accidental knots, maximum 5mm, sapwood on two face (“aubieuse”)
QF1bis : maximum 12mm knots, without sap
QF1Bxx : crossing sapwood – knots up to 15mm
QF2x :maximum 25mm knots, sap on one face (rustic)
QF2xx : maximum 25mm knots, sap on one face (“Europe”)

“Mosaic” choice: all knots accepted.

Specific choices :

Wood trim sawn to your widths according to a contractual tender specifications.

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