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The facilities

of the TARTERET Sawmill

Log yard

Before being sawed, each log is identified in the forest after being cut down, by a number which refers to its origin and guarantees the traceability of the wood.

Logs lot

Cross-cutting logs

Logs are then cut into sections, depending on their quality and on the current orders.
All the logs are debarked before the sawing to avoid damaging the blades of our band saw too quickly. Our rotor debarker enables us to obtain an optimal debarking of woods up to 1 m diameter.

The head rig

Our sawmill is equipped with a ‘double way cut’ inclined band saw and with a slabber, as shown hereafter :

• A Rennepont trolley, ‘TIGER’ type, equipped with 5 independent pads and inclined at 18°. These pads are controlled by a Mudata division, coupled with an automatic saw logs centering system.
• A slabber of 830 mm diameter which removes the slab and transform it directly into wood chips.
• A 1600mm diameter frame designed to adapt to ‘double way cut’ blades.



The sharpening workshop

Les opérations de planage, dressage, tensionnage et Traditional blades called ‘stellites’ leveling, straightening, tensioning and sharpening operations are mastered by ourselves in our atelier.

However, we also use carbide blades called ‘TCT’ to ensure a better cut handling and a longer duration of the use.

Sharpening workshop


Freshly cut woods edging operations are handled in an independent facility.
All planks intended to be edged (frames products, slabs…) are automatically stacked in the sawmill and then stored, waiting to be edged.
This facility is equipped with a 5 blades Masterflex edger (4 mobile, 1 stationary).



The trimming atelier of the sawmill produces strips and square-edged of different thicknesses and lengths. This trimming chain is equipped with 72 trimmers and allows us to trim up to 9,000ml of wood strips a day for more than 400 references. (1 reference= 1 thickness/1 length/1 grade)

The trimming atelier is an independent facility.


The sawn-cut-to-size production

This atelier produces all kinds of dried sawn timber in all thicknesses from 18mm to 80mm and in different species such as oak, beech …
This facility is equipped with a 5 blades (4 mobile and 1 stationary) Speedflex edger. All the square-edged are then cut to length with a pendular saw.



Three order preparation areas are separated depending on the products.


The preparation of boules and selected planks is widely made easier by the use of a vacuum lifter which allows us to handle plates up to 500 kgs.

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