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Dryers :

the traditional dryers of our sawmill

Since 1967, the TARTERET Philippe SA Sawmill has invested in drying and pre-drying facilities, in order to respond as closely as possible to its customers’ expectations.

900m3 of traditional dryers and 900m3 of pre-dryers are managed 24/7 thanks to an automatic regulation system.

The wood is dried only when its humidity rate is below 30%. All dried woods are then stored in closed hangars and the most delicate products are stored in 3 closed and air-conditioned hangars.

dryers sawmill

Pre-dryer and vacuum dryer

We have a 900m3 pre-drying capacity.

The vacuum dryer has an 8m3 capacity. Almost 3 times faster than a traditional dryer, the vacuum dryer is ideal for urgent requests.


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